Engaging training videos

Make learning easy and effective with professional training videos for all budgets.

Want to help your learners quickly understand new plans, products or processes? We’re experts at bringing organisational learning to life through engaging animated videos.

Save time for your audience and deliver learning in a format they love. We’ll guide you through every step of the animation process – from scripts to subtitles, music and more.

If you’re looking for training videos that engage your audience, save time and deliver long-lasting value, we’d love to share more information on how Bundle could help.

Recent training videos

Todd Energy site map

Health & Safety induction

We helped Todd Energy make their health & safety induction more engaging while saving each learner over 35 minutes.

Dolls house view of hospital

Patient flow videos

We used custom characters to help Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust explain patient flow in a series of animated videos.

Wayfinding explainer video - new signs

Wayfinding video

We helped Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust communicate and implement their wayfinding strategy with an animated explainer video.

Image showing impact of employee engagement on team motivation

Employee engagement training

We worked with Engage for Success to create free eLearning on employee engagement for managers.

Helicopter safety video - realistic background

Helicopter safety videos

Engaging helicopter safety videos that save time and boost compliance for leading helicopter tourism operators.

Our bite-sized training helps employees scale even the biggest challenge

Manager training programme

We transformed a classroom-based, global management training programme into a bite-sized, digital course.

Heathrow pods

Heathrow Rail Engineering training

We helped Heathrow’s Rail Engineering team to digitise competency and maintenance training using 3D videos.

GreenNewDeal - green transport

Green New Deal

We created a digital campaign to explain the Green New Deal and how it could support a Green Recovery.

Workplace by Facebook campaign

We helped boost adoption and engagement with the business tool amongst our client’s employees.

Impact Gumshields

We helped Impact Gumshields quickly onboard new technicians with custom eLearning and 3D videos.

Virtual Reality training - identifying vehicle hazards

Virtual Reality training

We created VR-based site safety inductions for everyone working on Heathrow Rail Engineering’s sites.

GreenNewDeal - lightbulb moment

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Who we work with

Video training tailored to your organisation

Training videos are perfect for sharing step-by-step instructions for staff and customers

Instructional videos

Walk your colleagues step-by-step through safety-critical operational procedures.

Save your people time by replacing lengthy PowerPoints into engaging informational and explainer videos

Informational videos

Help your people understand your organisation’s strategy, plans and ideas with animated videos.

Training videos and how-to videos help your colleagues learn new ways of working

How-to videos

Help your teams quickly adopt new ways of working with performance support videos.

Make your eLearning more engaging with training videos purpose-built for your platform

eLearning videos

Make your videos interactive with bite-sized online learning in Storyline, Rise or Captivate.

Training video FAQs

Why use videos in your training?

Our brains process visuals 60,000x faster than text. And it doesn’t really get much more visual than expertly animated training videos. The combination of engaging storytelling, eye-catching movement and friendly voiceovers helps your audience quickly understand your message. Plus, they’re loads of fun.

What’s involved in creating animated training videos?

We capture knowledge from your internal experts and develop it into clear and compelling scripts and storyboards. We then include a set number of animation days to create your training video; and add a UK or NZ voiceover; bespoke background music and sound effects. We also create a bunch of artwork for you to use across your communication channels to promote your video.

What type of training videos do we create? 

We’ve created the full suite of training videos over the years, including for onboarding, safety training, technical training, software training and performance support. Regardless of industry or topic, our superpower is to distil complex information so it’s easily understood in as little time as possible. Looking for live filming? Our friends over at The Keep can help with that. 

How much does a training video cost?

The price of our training videos depends on the style of animation and how long it takes our animators to work their magic. The simplest videos can take less than a day, but something more creative or complex can require up to 10 days (or longer). Creating a series of videos can massively reduce the cost of each video too. Let us know what you’re dreaming up and we’ll respond with some options.

Do we work with all budgets?

We can work with the most stretching of budgets as long as it’s realistic. The animators we work with are among the most creative and efficient professionals in the UK and NZ. It’s amazing what they can cook up in a day. If you have the budget for something more ambitious, they’ll craft you a masterpiece.

How long does a training video take to create?

We’ve delivered how-to videos for clients overnight, and marketing-quality videos in as little as two weeks. It all depends how quickly you want to move. If you want a week to review at each key stage (script, storyboard, video) it will be closer to four or five weeks to deliver awesome quality.

Why work with us

We make every stage of production easy for you. From script and storyboard development to voiceovers, subtitles and sound design.

Strategic training videos with Bundle Training


Carefully crafted to support your goals, strategy and people.

Creative training videos that reflect your brand with Bundle Training


Capture attention with beautifully branded visual storytelling.

Collaborative training video production with Bundle Training


Bring your ideas to life with quick and easy reviews.

Rapid delivery of training videos with Bundle Training


Hit tight deadlines with our global team and world-class processes.

Save your employees time with bite-sized training videos


Respect your audience’s time with short videos that pack a punch.

Have fun creating training videos with the team at Bundle Training


Create world-class animated videos with a bunch of good eggs.

Get in touch about your training video idea.

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