Performance support

Providing performance support tools helps employees and delivers major business benefits too.

One of the most time-consuming tasks at work is searching for the right information when you need it. One study suggests this takes up 20% of the working week. Another study suggests 60% of our workday is spent on work about work.

As businesses across the globe adopt new digital tools and ways of working, employees will spend even more time searching for information. So what’s the tonic?

Performance support allows employees to learn at their own pace

Performance support is a learning aide that guides employees through a particular task exactly at the point of need. They provide just the right amount of information to complete the desired action – whether that’s progressing an opportunity through your CRM system, recording an objective in your HR system, or completing a complex maintenance procedure. 

While performance support tools come in a range of formats, they all have the same intended outcome… supporting employees. If you’re still not convinced, here are our top reasons why performance support is essential for workplace success.

Performance support increases productivity

If your employees can access quality support when and where they need it, they can quickly crack on with the task at hand. And the quicker they complete that task, the faster they can move onto the rest of their to-do list. Perhaps more importantly, the less time they spend searching for support, the more time they can spend on the work that really matters.

Performance Support Tools deliver training at the point of need.

Performance support lifts learning

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve suggests we forget more than 50% of what we learn within an hour of learning. However, repeating that learning – through spaced repetition – eases the forgetting curve big time. Performance support effectively helps your employees to reinforce their learning through practice by providing a memory job right when it’s needed.

It relieves pressure on experts

When we’re stuck, we often reach out to an expert for help. Each of these interruptions takes your expert away from their own work. By capturing their knowledge and making it readily available through quick reference guides, how-to videos and other forms of performance support, you’re relieving pressure and ensuring their expertise can reach an even larger audience.  

Performance support provides long-term value

Before the pandemic, many businesses would bring employees into the classroom to learn how to use a new system. But as we’ve seen above, retaining what we learn is an issue. By contrast, digital performance support can be accessed repeatedly and at no additional cost. That’s not just better on the bottom line, but also for the environment.

Performance Support in the form of eLearning increases retention rates

Us Bundlers know a thing or two about creating world-class performance support – whether it’s helping employees navigate new software, carry out complex engineering procedures or working safely in a warehouse environment.

If you want your own carefully crafted performance support content – or simply want some tips from our friendly team – we’d love to hear from you!

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