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One of the most time-consuming tasks at work can be searching for the right information when you need it. Up to 20% of the working week, in fact. So what’s the tonic? Performance Support Tools – in the form of how-to videos, quick reference guides, eLearning, infographics, process maps and more – are learning aids that help and support employees at work.

Whether your employees need support navigating a new business process, using a new system or application, or understanding a concept – Performance Support Tools provide a useful memory jog right when it’s needed.

Here are our top four reasons why Performance Support Tools are essential for workplace success:

Productivity increases

If your employees can access resources when and where they need them, they’re able to quickly find answers to their questions and crack on with the task at hand – without having to step away from their work or ask anyone else for help. 

Performance Support Tools deliver training at the point of need.

Learning lifts

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve suggests adults forget more than 50% of what we learn within an hour of learning – unless we have the opportunity to reinforce it through practice. Performance Support Tools can provide the little reminder we need to remember new ways of working. 

It delivers long-term value

It’s near impossible to offer great classroom-based training courses to employees every day. However making the same content available digitally allows employees to access it 24/7, for as long as the content is still relevant

Performance Support Tools allow employees to learn at their own pace and place.

It’s cheaper (and better for the planet)

Providing Performance Support Tools digitally – instead solely through classroom training – massively reduces travel and instructor costs, which can be up to 85% of classroom training delivery costs.

Us Bundlers know a thing or two about creating world-class Performance Support tools – whether it’s helping employees remember new processes in software systems like Workday, carrying out complex Rail Engineering procedures or learning how to safely unload trucks. Whether you want your own expertly curated content – or simply want some tips from our friendly team – we’re just a phone call or email away 🙂 

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