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Why bite-sized is best

Tips for creating bite-sized content that’s short, sweet and packs a punch.

Our working days are full of interruptions. Emails, messages and notifications ping and beep as frequently as every five minutes. These constant distractions make it extremely hard to concentrate throughout a lengthy webinar or 100-page presentation.

You can make it much easier for your audience by breaking down important information into bite-sized chunks. Short, snackable content helps you quickly get your message across before minds move onto other things. 

At Bundle, we’re experts at breaking down knowledge into bite-sized chunks. Here are our top tips for biting into your own content: 

Focus on the need to know

Think carefully about what your audience need-to-know about your subject, versus what’s nice-to-know. Your audience can quickly get lost in too much detail. Instead, provide links to deeper information for those that are interested in finding out more.

Keep it relevant

Do some segments of your audience need more detail than others? Target specific messages to groups that need extra information. It will help ensure your message is seen as relevant to your wider audience, giving you a much better chance of getting your message across.

Make it visual

Studies have proven the brain retains significantly more information when it includes visual elements. Look for opportunities to communicate your ideas visually. Illustrations, videos, GIFs and infographics can help make complex messages easier to understand more visually engaging. Tools like Piktochart and PowToon are a great place to start. 

Avoid too much text

A big chunk of text on the page looks time-consuming to read and cluttered for the eyes to process. Use titles, subheadings, short paragraphs and lists to make your written content easier to navigate and scan.

Keep it short

Research shows there’s a significant retention drop-off in videos between two and three minutes. Because of this, we aim to keep explainer videos to 90 seconds, and how-tos under three minutes. Can you make it even shorter? Even better.

At Bundle, we specialise in breaking down big ideas into best practice, bite-sized content. Hit the chatbox below to speak to one of our friendly Bundlers to find out more.

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