Five amazing interactive websites

We love creating and exploring interactive content and are constantly searching for inspiration. Here are five amazing interactive websites.

At Bundle, we’re massive fans of interactive learning experiences. We’re constantly on the lookout for more inspiration for our own projects – and it doesn’t get much more inspiring than the five interactive websites below.

So without further ado, here are five of our favourite interactive websites right now.

Oat the Goat

Narrated and written in both Maori and English, Oat the Goat is an interactive storybook developed by New Zealand’s Ministry of Education.

Designed to teach children about acceptance, empathy, and tolerance, the story demonstrates how being kind to others can take you far.

Even though it was created for 4 to 7 year-olds, Oat’s great adventure is worth a peek no matter your age.

Nomadic Tribe

Developed by makemepulse as a tribute to Jean Giraud, (a.k.a. Moebius), Nomadic Tribe follows a mysterious tribe living in harmony with nature on an archipelago in faraway lands – moving to a new island every New Year.

With beautiful illustrations, incredible 3D design, a bespoke soundtrack, and a calming narrator, this interactive project will put you at ease.

Bruno Simon’s portfolio

Creative developer Bruno Simon created an incredibly interactive, immersive and fun way to showcase his projects and expertise.

Bruno’s portfolio is built like a video game, giving visitors free rein to move throughout the website and explore his skills.

Using a 3D toy car, visitors can interact with other 3D objects and discover Simon’s numerous projects. This portfolio is simply genius!

Atelier Heschung

Using a sketch illustration style, French shoe manufacturer Atelier Heschung, created an incredibly interactive way for visitors to share the journey they’ve been on so far.

Starting in 1934 and taking you right up to the present day, the website lets you explore Atelier Heschung’s illustrious history (and have fun while you do so).

The clean, minimalistic illustrations are elegant and classy – much like their shoes.

Borraginol’s Town

Borraginol, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, turned its website into a fully interactive town. You can easily lose yourself while exploring the inhabitants, vehicles, and buildings.

Visiting their website feels like you’re playing a video game. Almost every building and landmark is clickable – allowing you to learn more about the company, its history and their products.

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