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Superb safety video examples

Seven safety videos that show how engaging and effective videos are for delivering safety critical information.

Safety videos are a brilliant way to help your employees and colleagues understand important safety messages. Done well, they can be incredibly engaging and hold an audience’s attention. Videos boost learner retention too.

They also save both learners and organisations a tonne of time. Significantly, our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Subsequently, video helps our brains quickly record and store safety information. While their ability to be viewed on-demand can deliver refreshers and long-lasting value for organisations.

Our favourite safety video examples

The safety videos selected below showcase different animation styles and cover a range of safety subjects. However, there’s one thing they all have in common – they’re short and sweet. Just the way we like them. We hope you find them just as inspirational as we do.

Dumb Ways to Die™

Metro Trains Melbourne released this video ten years ago to educate people about being safe around trains. Altogether, it’s been viewed over 247 million times and turned into a series of mobile games. Combining great character animation with a seriously catchy jingle, it’s a great example of using humour to help embed learning.

“After 7 years, I still can’t believe this whole thing was just a message telling you to be careful around trains.” YouTube commenter.

Reducing High Impact Noise

WorkSafe New Zealand created this series of animated training videos to educate employers and staff on noise reduction. Clear illustrations and subtle animation help to get a huge amount of safety information across in only 45 seconds. Also, check out the full series for more.

HeliGlenorchy Safety Briefing

We created this safety video to allow HeliGlenorchy to share important safety information with passengers. Formerly, those briefings were delivered by staff members. However, the 3D safety video allows their teams to focus on what they do best – ensuring customers enjoy spectacular scenic helicopter flights. Find out more.

Top of Dangerous Tree Strikes Faller

This safety video from WorkSafeBC uses a real-life scenario and different animation styles to get its message across. Firstly, photos and motion graphics are used to boost relevancy and help set the scene. 3D animation is used to recreate key parts of the story as well. Regardless, it’s really effective.

Work at Height Safety Video

Likewise, this 3D safety video from Safetymint also uses real-life stories to explain how accidents can happen on a construction site. However, the video uses 3D animation throughout to get its story across. Subsequently, it’s a really effective way to educate viewers on how to safely work at height.

Unloading trucks into cool stores

This short video demonstrates how standard operating procedures can be transformed into engaging safety videos. Subsequently, we created a series of bite-sized safety videos to break down the steps involved in safely unloading trucks.

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Air New Zealand’s pre-flight safety videos are world-famous. Firstly, they’re excellent examples of how fairly dry safety messages can be brought to life in really creative ways. Secondly, they are a load of fun and really engaging to watch. While it was hard to choose a favourite, this one is hard to beat. View the full series here.

Want to create your own safety videos?

If you want to make safety training more engaging and effective within your organisation, get in touch and find out how we can help bring your digital ideas to life. While you can also book a free consultancy session to tap into our animation and eLearning expertise. Regardless, we’d love to hear from you.

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