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Digitising training

Classroom-based learning can be effective. But it’s also expensive. Today, we’re all about short, snappy and to the point. Our attention spans demand it. 

Creating bite-sized, digital versions of key courses makes training more accessible, easier to learn and even a bit of fun. If you want to start seeing the benefits of digital training, here’s some tips to help you have an instant impact.

Keep it short

Keep each chapter focused on a single topic and explain it clearly and concisely. We try to limit chapters to take no more than five minutes to complete (the less the better). It’s amazing how much content you can trim by separating what your audience truly need-to-know from what’s nice-to-know. 

Make it visual 

Illustrations, images and infographics help us quickly get the full picture, especially when learning new concepts and processes. Tools like Canva and Adobe CC let you create almost anything you can imagine. Pexels is great for free stock images and videos. 

Use video

Video remains amongst the royalty of digital content. Learning is no different; how-to video searches on YouTube increase by 70% each year. Video and animation help you communicate complex ideas much quicker and easier than text alone. Hosting tools like Vimeo and Wistia provide a home for your videos as well as great analytics. PowToon or Vyond are a good place to start for creating your own simple animated videos. 

Provide it at point of need

According to HR Dive, 89% of us want training anytime/anywhere – and 85% of us want to choose when we learn. Digital training empowers employees with support with key tools, processes and concepts when they actually need it – rather than relying on retention (which is better with eLearning too).  

Make it work on mobile

Your learning course has to work on mobile phones these days. For some employees, it might be the only way they can access training. Smartphone learners also complete course material 45% faster than those using a computer. Tools like Rise and EduMe can help you easily create mobile responsive, short courses. 

Us Bundlers are experts at breaking complex ideas down into engaging, bite-sized chunks. Sound like a bit of what you’re after? Get in touch with one of our friendly team members using our contact info below.

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