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Guide to eLearning platforms

A quick guide to working out which eLearning platform and authoring tool is best for your organisation.

Five amazing interactive websites

We love creating and exploring interactive content and are constantly searching for inspiration. Here are five amazing interactive websites.

Adobe Captivate tips

We used Captivate to build a suite of learning courses for innocent drinks. Here are our top tips!

Storyline 360 tips

Storyline 360 is our go-to eLearning authoring tool. Here are a few of the top tips we’ve picked up using Storyline for client projects.

Employee engagement and managers

Want to improve employee engagement in your team? Find out exactly what’s involved.

Tips for improving team engagement

The four enablers of engagement

Engage for Success identified four enablers that organisations need to have in place to achieve high level of engagement.

Tips for improving team engagement

Managing a team? Here’s ten ways you can start improving their engagement levels from today.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is crucial to any organisation’s success. Here’s what it actually means.