Bundle helped simplify a complex, multi-faceted challenge by creating diverse, inclusive and engaging animations. The videos demonstrate best practices on our wards, and the impact on other departments and patients when there are delays.

We worked closely with Bundle to develop the script and visuals. They embraced all the character requests and the hospital dollhouse idea to bring the animation to life. While the character movements requested were quite advanced, Bundle embraced the challenge and delivered an extremely high-quality end video. 

When we commissioned additional videos they were enthusiastic and helped us keep costs down by utilising scenes and characters from the original video.We’re delighted with the suite of videos produced and are rolling them out as part of our Trust-wide campaign ahead of winter.

Absolutely brilliant…setting a new standard for change management, communications and training.

Bundle are a pleasure to work with. They’re great at taking the ‘download’ of our ideas, boiling them down to the core messages and then bringing them to life graphically through stories. We’re extremely happy with Bundle’s approach and the quality of their work.

We already had an incredibly successful and highly visible management development programme. We needed a credible, professional and engaging digital option. Bundle provided exactly what we asked for!

This fully bespoke training package is perfectly aligned with our requirements and guides technicians of any level to full competency much faster than before.

Bundle’s ability to take complex technical information and turn it into easy-to-understand, interactive 3D learning modules is exceptional.

Bundle did such a wonderful job for us. The team there has been a great group to work with and the video helps us quickly get key messages across to our target audience. It looks really good too.

We needed a training solution that perfectly reflected the high standards we set for ourselves at Impact Gumshields. Bundle absolutely exceeded our expectations. The training has not only helped our business, but it looks amazing too. Our technicians love it.