Technical training

Want to support your teams with world-class technical training? Find out how we bring compliance, H&S and engineering training to life.

How Bundle supports technical training

With technical training, nothing beats hands on experience or ‘on-the-job’ training. However, providing that experience isn’t always easy. Particularly if learning is potentially hazardous or you have to remove machinery from its productive purpose to provide the training opportunity. 

At Bundle, we create digital training that walks your teams through technical training procedures and tasks. We use incredibly realistic 3D models, animation, virtual and augmented reality to demonstrate these processes in the safest way possible. The training can then be shared with learners ahead of on-the-job training to improve familiarity and boost learner confidence. While it also acts as performance support if your teams need a reminder on the best way to complete an irregular process.  

Our approach to technical training

  • We consult with your technical experts to capture how they complete standard operating procedures and key maintenance tasks
  • By carefully mapping training to competencies and other requirements, we then break that knowledge into bite-sized lessons
  • Using photos and videos from site visits, we create exact 3D replicas of your working environments, tools and machinery
  • We then create 3D animated videos and how-to guides that safely walk your technicians and engineers through key processes
  • Content is reviewed by your experts to ensure accuracy – right down to the correct direction to turn a spanner 
  • All of your training is then combined into a bespoke online learning package that can be easily uploaded to your learning management system and shared with your teams

Digital training will never replace hands-on experience. But when done exceptionally well, it will definitely help your teams improve competencies, understanding and confidence. All while keeping your people safe.

Technical training FAQs

What is technical training?

As per, technical training “teaches the skills needed to design, develop, implement, maintain, support or operate a particular technology or related application, product or service.”

How can technical training be delivered digitally?

A lot of technical procedures are carried out infrequently or when there’s an issue. Your teams then need to remember on-the-job training from months or even years ago. By providing accurate technical training as performance support, your teams can easily remind themselves of the safest way to complete the procedure. 

How can you recreate maintenance training digitally?

We work with your technical experts to capture their knowledge. Using photos and videos taken from site visits, we then create detailed 3D models of any physical systems, tools and environments. Those models are then used to create step-by-step training documents and animated videos that safely walk your teams through key procedures. Our simple review process ensures content is accurate and relevant.

How can you help us with knowledge transfer?

Nothing beats experience on the job. Therefore, if you have key workers approaching retirement it’s vital that you put a knowledge transfer plan in place to ensure as much of their expertise stays within your business as possible. We can help. First, we work with your experts and capture their on-the-job knowledge. Next, we convert that knowledge into short but incredibly detailed technical training guides. As a result, as much knowledge as possible is kept within your business.