Software training

We help your teams quickly adopt new systems and ways of working with strategic and super-relevant training and communications support.

How Bundle supports software implementations

Organisations invest huge amounts to implement new software, yet poor software training and change management often lead to a delay or complete failure to realise a return on investment. That’s because their teams are seldom given the time and space to learn new tools and ways of working. Instead, they’re expected to wade through hour-long presentations and webinar recordings. All while juggling the demands of their day job.

At Bundle, we support your teams with super-relevant and extremely engaging training. We work with the experts within your business to capture your new ways of working and communicate them clearly and effectively. Then we help you ensure your teams can access support at the point of need so that they can quickly adopt new processes and systems – without dropping the ball on the rest of their tasks.

Our approach to software training

  • We consult with your programme team to understand what your business is looking to achieve
  • Working with your experts, we map out the new processes that your teams will need to follow
  • We then create extremely short and effective how-to guides in video and document format that walk your teams through key tasks in the new software 
  • Once your training is created, we help you upload them to an easily accessible learning zone using tools that already exist within your business (saving you time and money)
  • We then help you create an engaging internal communication campaign that clearly communicates the benefits of new ways of working to employees and gets them on board
  • Regardless of which stage your software implementation is at, we also provide a full Bundle of creative services to help you aid adoption and see a rapid return on investment

Software training FAQs

How do you create software training?

Large-scale software implementations very rarely work off-the-shelf. There’s thousands of other systems to integrate and processes to map out. That’s why programmes often run for months or years. During that time, your programme teams build up an immense wealth of knowledge. However, sharing that knowledge can be a challenge. We work with your experts to capture their knowledge, distill it and then deliver it back as engaging and super-relevant training and communications content.

What type of software can you support with training?

Workday. SAP. Oracle. HCM. CRM. ERP. We can help you implement any type of software from any vendor. That’s because we’re experts at taking knowledge from your internal experts and turning it into bite-sized content that everyone can understand. If you’re looking to aid adoption and increase the return on investment, we can help. 

How do you capture screen-recordings for how-to guides?

If we’re unable to access a sandbox or other environment of your system, we can capture screen-recordings by recording our own screens as your experts share theirs over a Zoom call. We then apply a bit of Bundle magic to make the recording look as great as possible.

Why do you focus on internal communications and change management so much?

The number one reason why software implementations fail to realise their full return on investment is due to employee resistance to change. We help you reduce resistance by clearly communicating the benefits of the changes to your audience. Next, we make it easier for teams to adopt new ways of working by providing them with world-class performance support. That means your teams can quickly learn new tools and systems, and get back to the tasks that matter most.