Safety training

We create bespoke safety training that is hyper-relevant to your business and employees and reflects how they work in real-life.

How Bundle supports safety training

Are you looking to improve the quality of your organisation’s safety training and employee wellbeing? As businesses continue their recovery from the pandemic and return to work – ensuring employee safety is in the spotlight more than ever. 

At Bundle, we work with your safety experts to create training that looks amazing and is specific to your business. Instead of generic courses, we help you create safety training that’s relevant to your teams and reflects the way they work in real life. Our combination of 3D modelling, animated videos, engaging eLearning and virtual or augmented reality solutions captures the attention of your audience and delivers long-lasting value.

Our bespoke approach

Do you want to use Virtual Reality to help teams familiarise themselves before stepping foot into a potentially hazardous working environment? Or create an exceptionally engaging eLearning experience that explains how to keep data safe? No matter what you’re looking to create, our bespoke approach reflects the intricacies of your business and ways of working. 

  • We consult with your safety experts to capture how they complete safety training in a classroom environment 
  • After helping to identify safety training goals and objectives, we then distill their knowledge into simple instructions that are easy for your teams to follow 
  • Depending on your requirements, we can then create animated videos, step-by-step documents, eLearning courses or virtual reality experiences that clearly communicate safety messages 
  • We work closely with your internal experts throughout the content creation process to ensure it’s accurate and reflects the way your teams work 
  • Once you’re ecstatic with the final product, we deliver your training so that it can be easily uploaded onto your existing learning management system  
  • We provide you with a communications plan, artwork and other content you can use to raise awareness of your training and spread the safety message across your organisation

Providing your employees with world-class digital safety training means they can access safety information throughout the year. It can also free up more of your team’s time to focus on the issues that will have the most impact. 

Safety training FAQs

What kind of training do we create?

We can help you create any type of safety training, including fire, environmental and equipment safety. Our bite-sized approach is also perfectly suited for online and digital safety as well. 

How can safety training be delivered digitally?

We capture knowledge from the experts inside your organisation. We then transform their knowledge into engaging digital content that can be delivered through animated videos, documents, eLearning courses, virtual reality experiences and more. Working closely with your experts ensures we capture both the intricacies of your working environments as well as the years of experience built up within your business.