We help you create engaging eLearning and microlearning that’s carefully constructed for mobile and saves your employees and business time.

How Bundle supports eLearning

The pandemic has changed the way companies train employees. While there will always be a place for face-to-face training, the majority of workplace learning can and should be delivered online. Not only is it cheaper and better for the environment, eLearning is what employees want

The problem is that eLearning certainly has its fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly. Simply uploading presentations online and hoping for the best ignores how we behave online. Instead, content needs to be visually engaging and quick to understand. And it needs to work on any device. 

Our micro-learning approach

At Bundle, we create engaging online training that’s relevant to your audience and supports your strategy and brand. Whether you’re looking to create digital versions of your existing manager, soft-skills or other training, or create something entirely new – we use every trick we have to capture the attention of your audience, increase retention while saving them time. Our approach to eLearning includes:  

  • Consulting with you to understand the learning needs of your business and your audience
  • Collecting your existing training content and devising the best course structure for online learning
  • Organising that content into chunks of microlearning; each focused on a single learning outcome
  • Developing engaging animated videos, graphics, illustrations and other content that help your audience quickly understand even the most complex of concepts 
  • Combining everything into an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly eLearning course that’s easy to review and even easier to upload into your existing learning management system 
  • Supporting your eLearning with an engaging communications campaign that raises awareness of your online training and encourages employees to get learning  

eLearning FAQs

What training can you help us with?

We can provide fully bespoke training solutions for all of your online learning needs. Want to convert your existing onboarding, compliance, health and safety, software, soft-skills or technical training into a digital, mobile-friendly format? Or develop a brand new course from scratch? Either way, we can help you create training that makes your employees lean forward and listen.

How do you shave time off our existing training?

Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. We create world-class illustrations, animated videos and other visuals to help you engage your learners and quickly communicate key concepts. During the initial planning phase, we also help you work out what your audience truly need-to-know versus what’s nice-to-know. The combination of powerful visuals, excellent planning and a load of other tips and tricks helps us create eLearning that delivers huge time savings to your employees and your business. 

Why do you focus on mobile learning?

On average, we spend three hours and 15 minutes on our phones every day. We take them with us everywhere. High-quality eLearning and mLearning (or mobile learning) allows us to learn at a time and place that works best for each of us personally. It also helps encourage us to swap the cat videos for advancing our personal and professional development. 

Why do you focus on microlearning?

On average, we’re interrupted every five minutes. Once we’re interrupted, it’s hard to get back to what we were working on. At Bundle, we keep lessons under five minutes. If possible, we make them even shorter. It means your learners are far more likely to be able to complete the lesson before they’re next distracted. Plus by keeping it short and visually engaging, it encourages learners to keep progressing through the training, while also increasing retention and understanding. The end result is training that delivers long-lasting value to your business.