Communication campaigns

We help your teams understand your company's culture, vision, strategy and goals by painting the big picture with engaging communication campaigns.

How Bundle helps you paint the big picture 

Your teams are bombarded by messages and notifications all day long. Cutting through the clutter and capturing their attention is hard enough. Keeping it long enough to get your company’s strategic communications across is even harder. Our world-class communication campaigns can help. 

We create engaging and strategic communications that reinforce your brand and your business. First, we help you paint the big picture of where your company is heading. Next, we help you carefully distill your messages so they’re short and sharp. Then we work with the best creatives around to create content that your marketing team would be proud of (and may even pinch). The end result is communication campaigns that resonate with your audience, deliver exceptional results and make you look like a genius.

Our approach to communication campaigns

  • We consult with you and your teams to capture information about what you’re trying to achieve, who the audience is, and how they and your business will benefit
  • Then we distil all of that information into a vision and series of key messages that focus on the benefits and relevance to your audience while taking up as little of their time as possible
  • Working with your internal communications team, we help you identify the best communication channels within your business to share those messages with your audience
  • We help you map out all of your stakeholders, and develop strategic communication plans and strategies to engage your audiences
  • Our creative team then create a series of visual styles to communicate your campaign across a range of channels and medium – while  reinforcing your brand 
  • We then work with incredibly talented illustrators, animators, designers and other creatives to bring your vision to life through animated videos, presentations, digital signage and more
  • With an incredible team working in both NZ and the UK, we can respond to those last-minute changes with same-day or overnight updates 
  • You get access to an incredible group of creatives acting as an extension of your team and providing a full Bundle of creative support to help deliver amazing results 

Communication campaigns FAQs

What is a communication campaign?

Communication campaigns are concerted efforts to reach an audience in order to raise awareness of something or to take a particular action. Within large organisations, they’re an important way to reach employees and ensure everyone understands major initiatives and strategic plans. With so many employees working remote, finding ways to reach them with engaging content that helps them understand their purpose and the big picture is more important than ever.

Why should we consider using animation?

Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. With animation, our creative team can bring literally any visual idea to life. That means we can easily help you paint the big picture of what your business or initiative could look like in 5, 10 or 50 years. Plus we’re experts at combining visuals with a carefully crafted script to communicate even the most complex of ideas in under two minutes. Check out our communication campaign explaining the Green New Deal for an example.

Do you create other types of videos?

Our team can help you bring any of your creative ideas to life. If live filming is your thing, we work with two amazing production companies in the UK and NZ to create anything from talking-head videos to full cinematic experiences. We can also recommend amazing editors and other creatives to help you quickly turn around your own internal video projects or to setup time-saving templates for your team.