Change projects

We help you communicate the vision for your project and provide your team with world-class training and communications support.

How we support change projects

Over 70% of change projects fail. That’s huge considering how much time and effort goes into managing change. A key reason is that many organisations don’t take the time to explain the reasons for change. Instead, their employees either actively resist the change or simply don’t support it. 

At Bundle, we help you explain the big picture behind your change project. By bringing your vision to life, and clearly communicating the benefits to employees, we help you reduce resistance and turn it into excitement and momentum. As a result, your teams will be much more engaged and you’ll have a much better chance of not joining that 70%. 

Bundle’s approach to change

  • We consult with your project or programme team to develop your vision and key messages so that you can communicate the benefits of what you’re trying to achieve
  • Our creative team develop a unique visual style that reflects your brand, captures your audience’s attention and holds it long enough for you to get your message across
  • We then create visually powerful animated videos, presentations and other content so that you can quickly and consistently communicate with your stakeholders and get everyone onboard
  • You’re also provided with a suite of images and artwork and Word, PowerPoint and other templates so you can create your own content and continue to easily engage audiences
  • If your change project involves changes to tools, systems or ways of working, we work with you to provide world class performance support to help you quickly realise a return on investment 
  • We also provide your programme team with a full Bundle of creative services to help you set a new bar for how change projects are managed within your organisation

Change project FAQs

Why do change programmes fail?

Us humans are notoriously resistant to change. If we don’t understand the reasons behind major changes, we’ll often ignore it or worse, actively resist it. Many organisations spend a huge amount on the change programme itself, but don’t spend the necessary time and resources on getting employees onboard. If you carefully explain the reasons for change and how the business and everyone within it will benefit, you’re far more likely to get everyone on board. 

Why work with Bundle on your change project?

We’re experts at helping organisations paint the big picture of what’s changing for employees. We help you identify the benefits, and develop simple but effective messaging that you can use to communicate. Most importantly, we help you keep those communications short. Your colleagues simply don’t have time to read through your lengthy PowerPoint presentation while delivering their own work. 

How does your creative development process work?

We meet with your brand team to work out how we can visually communicate your project. Next, we develop a series of distinct visual styles that will help your colleagues quickly identify the update as coming from your project – and that will work across a range of digital content – including videos, illustrations, documents and more. We then collect your feedback and finesse it until you have a visual style that can be used across all of your programme updates. 

Why should you use consistent communications for your change project?

Your colleagues are bombarded by messages all day. Most don’t have time to read through every update and PowerPoint or intranet site shared across your business. Instead, they want to know what will affect them and what will help them do their jobs. By clearly communicating the benefits of your change project, you’re massively increasing the chances of people resonating and supporting what you’re trying to achieve. Developing a consistent and visually engaging visual style hugely increases the chance you capture their attention and get those benefits across in the first place.