Explainer videos

Our amazing animated training videos captivate your audience, boost your brand and deliver long-lasting value.

Why we love animation

Our brains process visuals 60,000x faster than text. And it doesn’t really get much more visual than expertly animated training videos. The combination of engaging storytelling, eye-catching movement and friendly voiceovers helps your audience quickly understand your message. Plus, they’re loads of fun.

Our approach to animated training videos

We cook up incredibly creative ways to bring your messages to life while reinforcing your brand and supporting your audience. We use a range of styles including:

  • Using 2D and 3D animation to take employees step-by-step through accurately reflected working environments
  • Creating characters to represent employees, and to share key messages through engaging (and often quirky) stories 
  • Clearly explaining your plans and processes through beautiful motion and typography
  • We also work with the legends at The Keep (UK) and Hunt Cinema (NZ) to create incredible live film and cinematic experiences

Animated training videos FAQs:

What’s included in your animated training videos? 

We capture knowledge from your internal experts and develop it into clear and compelling scripts and storyboards. We then include a set number of animation days to create your training video and add a UK or NZ voiceover; bespoke background music and sound effects. We also create artwork for you to use to promote your video. 

How does pricing work?

We base our pricing on the number of days it will take for our team to animate the video. On average, we budget 10 days of animation for a two-minute training video. You can reduce the number of animation days but the quality goes down. If you budget for more days, the quality goes up. However, the length of the video also influences the number of animation days needed. Get in touch for a quick quote. 

How quickly can you create videos? 

Two weeks at a push. Firstly, we work with some of the best illustrators and animators in the UK and NZ. As a result, having animators working in tandem from both sides of the world halves the number of days needed to animate. Therefore, 10 days of animation can be completed in 5 business days by two animators.