Internal communication

We help you cut through the clutter and capture attention with engaging internal communication campaigns that deliver amazing results.

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How we support internal communication

Before setting up Bundle, our Managing Director came from the world of internal communications. As a result, we know how important an engaging and effective communication strategy and plan is to the success of any internal endeavour. 

Our approach to communications

We’re firm believers that simple can move mountains. That’s why it’s right at the heart of how we like to communicate. In addition, we can support you with: 

  • Developing strategies and plans that reinforce your organisation’s brand, culture, vision and values
  • Mapping your stakeholders and working out content targeting plans to engage different audiences
  • Creating branded and bespoke content for your existing communication channels; as well as providing advice on how to get the most from them
  • Making artwork packs that can be shared with employees across the globe to raise awareness and promote key events

Internal communication campaign FAQs

Why is communication important for training?

Your employees are unlikely to complete your course if they don’t know it exists. As a result, you won’t get the results you deserve. And with so much information competing for our attention, it’s hard to cut through the clutter. That’s why we help you develop campaigns that capture attention and keep it long enough to deliver your message. 

How do you improve internal communications?

Firstly, we help you refine your key messages until they’re crystal clear, relevant to your audience and focused on a compelling call to action. Once that’s done, we combine expertise in all things creative to bring those messages to life in the most engaging and beautiful way possible. Most importantly, we do all this while reflecting your brand and respecting your audience’s time.

What communication channels can you support?

We create content for all types of channels. For instance, intranets and microsites; posters; digital signage; email newsletters and internal social channels (e.g. Slack, Workplace by Facebook or Teams). In addition, we also create documents and briefing notes for face-to-face meetings, presentations and town halls.