How-to guides

We create strategic how-to guides that boost business performance and help your teams adopt new software, systems and ways of working.

Why we love how-to guides

Like a lot of people, when we get stuck we turn to how-to guides online for help. First, we’ll check if a short video walkthrough exists. If not, we’ll move methodically through a step-by-blog blog. However, the training has to be short, sweet and focused on the specific challenge we’re trying to overcome.

Your employees are no different. However, they often don’t have the luxury of turning online. Work systems are sometimes so customised that no-one outside the organisation can help. Well, almost anyone.

Our approach to how-to guides

We like to create how-to videos and documents that act as digital performance support. That means capturing your expertise and then working the best way for your teams to access it on tap. That involves:

  • Interviewing your subject matter experts to capture their knowledge and record their screens.
  • Simplifying their expertise into step-by-step instructions that are relevant and easy to follow.
  • Bringing those instructions to life through short and sweet animated how-to videos that reflect your brand.
  • Supporting videos with a quick reference document that can be easily printed out by your teams.

What is performance support? 

Performance support is a learning aide that guides employees through a particular task exactly at the point of need. They provide just the right amount of information to complete the desired action. As a result, they all have the same intended outcome despite coming in different formats… supporting employees. 

How do we capture knowledge?

We interview your subject matter experts, then work out the best way to present their expertise and knowledge back to your colleagues in the shortest and most effective way possible. 

How do we capture screen-recordings for how-to guides?

If we’re unable to access a sandbox or other environment of your system, we can capture screen-recordings by recording our own screens as your experts share theirs over a Zoom call. We then apply a bit of Bundle magic to make the recording look as great as possible.

Want to create your own how-to guides?

Creating your own how-to videos and documents is a great way to help employees to quickly adopt new tools and ways of working. The trick is to keep them short and sweet, focused on specific tasks and easy to access. We’ve written an entire blog full of tips you can view here.