Digital design

We bring complex content to life through visual communications, illustrations, infographics and excellent graphic design.

The power of visual communication

Ever since our cave-dwelling days, us humans have used images to illustrate our points. That’s because visuals are right at the heart of how we communicate. For a start, our brains process them 60,000 times faster than text. And here at Bundle, we’re all about communicating complex concepts and ideas as quickly as possible.

Why we love graphic illustration

Just like Bundle, graphic illustration is more than the sum of its parts. Combining the best bits of both graphic design and illustration, it’s about clearly explaining concepts and expressing ideas as simply as possible. That’s why it’s at the heart of everything we do. Because the faster your audience understand your message, the sooner they can move onto the tasks that matter most to them.

Our approach to creating powerful visuals

  • Firstly, we study and simplify the messages that you need to communicate to your audience.
  • Next, we cook up creative ways to clearly and concisely share those messages visually. 
  • Then we apply those visuals to a range of media – from standalone images, infographics and documents to animated videos and eLearning courses. 
  • Your audience benefit from beautifully constructed content that boosts their learning while saving them time. 
  • You benefit by capturing your audience’s attention and landing your message.

Graphic illustration FAQs

What is graphic illustration?

It’s a combination of illustration and graphic design. Whereas graphic design is about working out the best way to communicate something visually, illustration has traditionally been seen as more of an art form. By combining them, it brings the best of both to the content we create.

Do you offer graphic design and illustration services separately?

Absolutely. We’re all about working out the simplest and most effective way to communicate ideas and concepts. However, if you simply need support creating a poster or graphic we can help. We’re not going to recommend a Ferrari when a bicycle will do the job perfectly.