Bespoke digital training

We create bespoke digital training solutions that are hyper-relevant to your audience, reflect your brand and support your strategy.

How bespoke digital training can help you

With the shift to online learning, there’s huge pressure on L&D teams to make training available to remote teams and accessible on any device. However, creating engaging eLearning courses takes time – and off-the-shelf solutions aren’t always the perfect fit.

Bespoke training is created specifically to meet the needs of your business:

  • It supports your strategy – Training is a great way to reinforce your organisation’s goals, values and culture. We study your strategy, then look for opportunities to reinforce key messages in everything we create.
  • It reflects your brand – We don’t just add a logo and change some colours, we study your brand guidelines and tone of voice before coming up with creative options that even your brand team will love.
  • It’s relevant to employees – People engage with training much more if it’s relevant to them. That’s why we work hard to reflect your ways of working and use scenarios and examples that your colleagues recognise and understand.
  • It’s designed to spec – Forget one-size-fits-all. We design content specifically for your existing systems and help you provide the best user experience possible (we can also export courses from our own tools).
  • You own the content – With bespoke digital training, you don’t have to worry about licences or contract renewals. We help you future-proof training as much as possible, then share everything so you own it outright. 

If you’re looking for bespoke digital training, we can help. We use a suite of leading eLearning authoring tools to create eLearning courses that can be uploaded directly into your learning management system (LMS). We ensure you have the final files (and training on how to update them) so that you can easily amend your training as your business needs change. 

Our approach to bespoke digital training

  • We review your existing training content and help you break content into bite-sized chunks that are perfect for online and mobile learning 
  • Our copywriters help you simplify messages and rewrite content so that it’s optimised for reading online 
  • We then bring your course to life with engaging animated videos, illustrations, documents and more 
  • Using eLearning authoring tools such as Rise and Adobe Captivate, we then construct your course so that it can be accessed from any device  
  • Our simple review process ensures we capture your feedback throughout and deliver a solution that’s tailored specifically for your business and audience needs
  • Once you’re ecstatic with the end result, we export the course as a SCORM, xAPI, AICC or cmi5 file that can be easily uploaded into your system 
  • We provide you with access to the final files and short training guides on how to update them, ensuring your digital training delivers long-lasting value to your organisation

Bespoke digital training FAQs

How does your pricing work for digital training? 

We use hourly or daily rates to calculate the cost of each project. First, reviewing and rewriting content can be done relatively quickly (depending on the size of the course). Need help creating bespoke illustrations or other digital media? We’ll provide you with a range of options to get the best quality possible from your budget. 

What can I do if my LMS doesn’t support responsive design?

Does your LMS allow you to import SCORM, xAPI, AICC or cmi5 files? If so, we can build the course in our authoring tool so that it’s optimised for mobile.

What are the benefits of making training available on any device? 

Making training available on mobiles means your teams can complete a lesson wherever and whenever works best for them. Whether before a meeting, while travelling or even while watering the garden. In addition, it boosts engagement, increases retention and delivers amazing return on investment.

What training can you help create?

We use a range of eLearning authoring tools and can provide fully bespoke training solutions for any learning challenge. For a start, we can convert your existing onboarding, compliance, H&S, software or soft-skills training into engaging eLearning. Otherwise, we can develop a brand new specialist course from scratch.