Creative development

Want to connect with your audience? Our creative development process ensures your campaign looks amazing and is instantly recognisable to you colleagues.

Why we focus on creative development

First impressions matter. And with digital communications, those first impressions are 94% design related. Training and other internal content are no different. If your content looks crap, you’re facing an uphill battle to engage your audience. On the other hand, if you have a good first impression you’re far less likely to click away.

Our approach to developing visual styles

Everything we create is tailor-made to reflect your business and your brand guidelines. More importantly, it’s designed to capture and hold the attention of your audience for long enough to deliver your message. 

  • Firstly, we study your brand guidelines to ensure we use the right fonts, colours and stay within the rules. However, that’s not to say we won’t try to bend them with your brand team’s permission
  • Next, we develop a series of visual styles that will resonate with your audience and support the delivery of your message 
  • Once everyone’s happy, we apply the approved style to all the content in your campaign (from animated videos to eLearning courses)
  • We also create communication content you can use to engage employees and raise awareness
  • And after thousands of cupcakes were created for a Workday launch, we share artwork packs for every campaign we work on. Tasty 😉 

Creative development FAQs

How does the creative development process work?

Firstly, we’ll meet with your brand or marketing team to discuss how we can bring your campaign to life visually. If that’s not possible, we’ll review your brand guidelines. Secondly, we develop two or three distinct visual styles that can be used across a range of digital content. That includes videos, illustrations, documents and more. Finally, we’ll use your feedback to finesse everything into a visual style that everyone loves. Especially your brand team. 

What other content is created as part of the process?

If you’re running a major change programme, it’s important that you communicate consistently across your business. That’s why we help you develop consistent messaging so everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet. We also support create Word and PowerPoint templates your programme team can use so you’re visually on the same page too.