Healthcare communications

We help healthcare providers clearly explain concepts, ideas and plans with engaging animated explainer videos and communications campaigns.

Want to save your employees time and boost engagement? We help healthcare providers to quickly communicate big ideas and ambitious plans with engaging healthcare animation.

We ensure messages are easy to understand, quick to consume and formatted for whatever channel works best for your people – including videos, digital signage, posters and more.

If you have an idea that you want your people to truly understand and engage with, we’d love to share more on how we can support you with brilliant content that delivers long-lasting value.

Who we work with

We guide you through every step of the animation process.

Bundle Training_Creative development

Creative development

We create a gorgeous visual style that reflects your brand.

3D animation script development

Script development

We share your story via clear and compelling scripts.

Preview your 3D video with easy to review storyboards


Preview your 3D video with easy-to-review storyboards.

Our expert 3D animators ensure you get the most from your budget.


Our expert UK and NZ animators bring it all to life.

Elevate your 3D explainer video with a friendly and professional voiceover


We find the perfect voice to share your story.

Sound design for 3D animation takes your video up a level

Sound design

We elevate everything with sound effects and music.

Bring your own healthcare communications to life

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