Video-calling maladies

We created a series of short videos poking fun at 2020’s overnight shift to doing everything via Zoom.

2020 was definitely the year of Zoom… and Zoom fatigue. As the pandemic unfolded, every type of social event imaginable shifted into online meetings. From work meetings to weddings, sweat sessions to birthdays. Zoom helped bring us the faces we missed the most. However, it was also exhausting.

This excellent article from Steve Blank explains that despite being in so many meetings: “…we’re finding we’re less productive, social interactions are less satisfying and distance learning is less effective.” Zoom fatigue had well and truly set in.

Our team of Bundlers decided to act. The wellbeing of our client’s audiences is always front and centre for us (it’s why we keep our content so short). So, we quickly formed the Bundle Department of Digital Health and created six public health awareness videos. You can enjoy our creations below.

Video-Calling Fatigue Syndrome (VCFS)

Do video calls leave you feeling frustrated, anxious or with an overwhelming urge to take a nap? You might be suffering from Video-Calling Fatigue Syndrome (also known as Zoom fatigue).

Pop-Up-Itis (PUI)

Forgetting to close down your windows, tabs and applications before sharing your screen can result in panic, cold sweats and immediate loss of all credibility. Always check before you share.

Spontaneous Videobombing Disorder (SVD)

Unexpected entrances from family members, partners or flatmates may cause embarrassment and in extreme cases, internet virality. Unfortunately, there is no cure.

Video-Calling Wardrobe Impairment (VCWI)

Forgetting that you’re only half-dressed is a significant risk of video calling. Careful camera placement and framing are proven remedies.

Virtual Background Delirium (VBD)

Excessive use of virtual backgrounds can lead to hallucinations, embarrassment or delusions of grandeur.

Global Time Zone Amnesia (GTZA)

Forgetting to check the time before contacting people in other time zones can lead to grogginess, irritability and the need for sincere apologies. Sorry, James.

Why did we focus on Zoom fatigue?

At Bundle, everything we create is based around the humans within the businesses we work with. We’re passionate about creating campaigns that bring the odd smile to someone’s face while taking up as little of their time as possible. Long meetings over Zoom (and Zoom fatigue in general) seemed to fly in the face of everything we believe in. So, we came up with the above…

It was a lengthy lockdown.

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