Workplace by Facebook campaign

We helped communicate the benefits of the internal business network to our client’s employees, boosting adopting and engagement.

We created a six-week campaign that used short animated videos, illustrations and other communications to highlight the benefits of Workplace by Facebook.

Our client wanted to change the way the internal business network was used and perceived by their employees. It was increasingly being seen as a place for pet pictures instead of business collaboration. Its use had plateaued since launch.

The six-week campaign was built around six of the biggest benefits of using the tool to collaborate with colleagues across the globe. We even kept some of the pets.

We developed a visual style that reflected our client’s brand and the look and the feel of the tool itself. We then applied that style across short videos, GIFs and best practice blogs.

Each ‘scene’ took place in a different global office to further emphasise the global benefits of the tool.

We adapted content for each of our clients’ key internal communication channels – including email, social and digital signage. Then we added translations and subtitles to boost their global reach and ensure messages didn’t get lost in translation.