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We created animated characters to help 27,000 employees across 79 countries adopt new HR software.

We created a Workday training and communications campaign for Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company. Amazingly, two-thirds of their employees accessed the system within a month of launch.

By focusing on the benefits of the new system and ways of working, we helped to boost engagement and understanding within their business – leading to incredible adoption statistics within the first month of launch. 

Within a week of launch

Video views
Unique user logins
Profile photos uploaded
Employee-created content shared

Within a month of launch

Total employee logins
Emergency contact changes
Business Process transactions

In addition to boosting Workday adoption, Kantar also wanted to clearly communicate changes in how managers and HR worked together worldwide. 

To explain what was changing, we created a suite of characters to help communicate the new ways of working and bring key messages to life in a fun and engaging way. 

Workday training image

The characters were used throughout a series of performance support tools – including how-to videos, quick reference guides and face-to-face training. They helped employees quickly adopt new ways of working.

The characters also appeared throughout communications content – including videos, email and intranet banners, posters, social channels and more.

We also supplied artwork packs for employees to use in local offices, leading to the characters appearing across thousands of cupcakes, clothing and even the odd badge.

The result was a campaign that not only boosted Workday adoption but also captured the hearts of employees around the globe.

“Absolutely brilliant…setting a new standard for change management, communications and training.”

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