Virtual Reality training

We turned PowerPoint-based site safety inductions into engaging Virtual Reality training experiences.

Heathrow Rail Engineering operates and maintains passenger transit systems across the world’s most connected airport. Maintaining these systems and ensuring they meet key industry regulations is crucial.

Previously, site safety inductions for staff and contractors were delivered by PowerPoint. We transformed the documents into interactive and immersive Virtual Reality experiences. As a result, the training helps ensure learners fully understand site safety before stepping foot into dangerous working environments.

Ensuring VR training reflected real-life

First, we captured knowledge from Heathrow’s experts and reviewed their existing training. Second, we carefully scripted the experience to guide learners through key locations and to explain safe working practices.

Next, we created a series of 3D models of the working environments that staff encounter. Then, by combining 360 stereoscopic photos, we created an explorable VR space that reflected the real-life working environments staff would experience.

Creating an engaging experience for learners

Using a VR headset and controllers, learners are able to explore their new workspace. As they move, they’re prompted to identify and learn about hazards such as moving vehicles, electrical tools and fire safety features.

The VR safety inductions also teach learners about communications, emergency procedures and other safety information. The inductions can also be accessed on desktops to help quickly scale up when needed.

“Virtual Reality training solves many of the safety issues inherent in the traditional safety training that many railway companies continue to use. The Virtual Reality training environment is 100% safe and is not only more engaging but also more effective than traditional training methods.”

Matthew Ward, Technical Competency Lead

Matthew Ward

Technical Competency Lead, Heathrow Rail Engineering

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