Tooling Intelligence

We’ve created a series of 3D explainer videos to promote Tooling Intelligence’s world-class range of products.

Tooling Intelligence provides a range of innovative inventory management solutions that help companies revolutionise control of their assets and consumables.

We helped them create a 3D explainer video that introduced their company and explained how they combine engineering and industry expertise with the latest in smart technology.

Creating 3D models of the product range

First, we used product specifications and images to create detailed 3D models of Tooling Intelligence’s entire range of products. Every detail was brought to life in 3D, allowing us to showcase them in all their glory.

We also purchased several pre-built 3D models of various assets and consumables to place within the units. These items allowed us to add an extra level of realism when demonstrating how the intelligent solutions work.

How 3D animation can engage customers

Tooling Intelligence’s 3D explainer video has been viewed hundreds of times since launch and has generated significant industry interest in Tooling Intelligence‘s solutions.

“We were looking to create an engaging animated video that introduced our business and the things that make us so special. Bundle were brilliant to work with. Their ability to bring our story to life through the script and 3D animation was really impressive. We’ve since commissioned additional films to introduce our individual products in deeper detail.”

Richard Swaffield

Director at Tooling Intelligence

Introducing the SmartDrawer Plus

Following the success of our first film, Tooling Intelligence commissioned us to create an additional video that explained their SmartDrawer Plus in more detail.

It gives companies greater control over their inventory and assets with features such as enhanced security, weight-based vending, customised lighting and more. You can view the video below.

Introducing the SupplyVend

We’ve since created a series of videos for Tooling Intelligence that explain their individual products.

The latest video introduced SupplyVend – the ultimate asset and inventory management solution. This video introduced a range of new 3D backgrounds of warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing floors.

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