Queenstown Airport

We helped Queenstown Airport explain its future development plans to the public with an engaging 3D animated video.

As an airport majority-owned by the community, engaging with local residents is especially important to Queenstown Airport.

After developing a 10-year Strategic Plan, they drafted a series of improvements to create an innovative airport that people love to travel through – which the community takes pride in.

To help explain their vision and encourage public feedback, they asked for our help in bringing their draft Master Plan to life through 3D visualisations and an engaging 3D video.

Helping Queenstown Airport explain its draft Master Plan

Working closely with Queenstown Airport’s Sustainability & Corporate Affairs team, we distilled their ambitious draft Master Plan into a concise video script.

We used simple, conversational language to ensure their audience could easily understand their plans. While also identifying ways to communicate messages visually to keep the video as short and sweet as possible.

Bringing the draft Master Plan to life through 3D visualisations

Meanwhile, we collected photos, blueprints and CAD files of the airport buildings, runway, and other infrastructure. We even climbed Queenstown Hill to view the airport from up high.

Next, we created detailed 3D models of the airport in its current state. To visualise their plans, we carefully reviewed blueprints to showcase what the proposed future state might look like visually.

To highlight the remarkable setting of the airport, we used GIS map data to create geographically accurate 3D models of the mountains and surrounding area.

Using 3D animation to visualise ideas for the future

Next, our expert 3D animators worked their magic. They used the 3D models to animate a series of animated visualisations that clearly bring Queenstown Airport’s draft Master Plan to life.

With our favourite local voiceover artist providing a friendly and professional tone, we stitched everything together to create an engaging 3D explainer video. Check it out below.

Engaging local communities

The animated video and visualisations are now being used to engage Queenstown Airport’s local stakeholders and to kickstart a consultation on the draft Master Plan. We’ll update the video later this year with the outcomes of those discussions. In the meantime, you can find out more here.

“Bundle were brilliant at guiding us through each stage of production. They took the time to really understand our plans and the needs of our audience and were of huge value in helping distil our ambitious plans into a short and sweet video. We’re absolutely delighted with the animated video they’ve created.”

Catherine Nind

Senior Communications Advisor

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