Patient flow videos

We created custom characters to help Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust explain patient flow in a series of animated videos.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust provides acute and specialist healthcare in northwest London for around one million people annually. They employ 14,500 people across five hospitals that have a long track record in research, education and influencing care and treatment both nationally and worldwide.

They’re constantly looking for ways to manage the increasing demand for their services and continue providing safe and high-quality patient care. As a result, they wanted an engaging way to help staff understand how every role plays an essential part in keeping care flowing through their hospitals. 

Helping to explain how patients flow through hospitals

We worked closely with their brand and user experience team to help simplify their messaging. Then, we developed a video script that used language everyone across their hospitals could understand.

Next, we illustrated a diverse suite of custom characters to represent the different roles across their hospitals. In addition, we illustrated a series of patients representative of northwest London’s population.

These characters allowed us to inject subtle humour and empathy throughout an animated video explaining how patients should move safely through their hospitals.

Bringing the story to life with character animation

Using the characters to share the story resulted in a flood of positive feedback from staff. As a result, the characters were quickly adopted to star in a series of other short videos.

First, they helped share board rounds’ best practices with staff. Then, to help patients understand potential delays in A&E. Finally, to explain the discharge process to patients.

“Bundle helped simplify a complex, multi-faceted challenge by creating diverse, inclusive and engaging animations. The videos demonstrate best practices in our wards and the impact on other departments and patients when delays occur. 

We worked closely with Bundle to develop the script and visuals. They embraced all the character requests and the hospital dollhouse idea to bring the animation to life. While the character movements requested were quite advanced, Bundle embraced the challenge and delivered an extremely high-quality end video. 

When we commissioned additional videos they were enthusiastic and helped us keep costs down by utilising scenes and characters from the original video. We’re delighted with the videos produced and are rolling them out as part of our Trust-wide campaign ahead of winter.”

Eilidh Syme

Senior communications manager – brand and user experience

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