Manager training programme

We transformed a classroom-based, global manager training programme into a bite-sized, digital course.

In 2019, Kantar launched a hugely successful two-day manager training programme. By the end of the year, they’d rolled out the classroom-based training to over 3,000 managers worldwide.

The feedback from learners was so positive they knew they needed a digital version to ensure every one of their managers could access the training. That’s where we came in…

Digitising their existing training

Working closely with the client, we helped distil their classroom course into bite-sized chunks. We captured anecdotes from their internal experts and cooked up engaging ways to share them as digital stories.

Following a highly successful Workday adoption campaign, we used the same animated characters throughout the training videos and other creative.

A fully bespoke training package

We turned the series of lessons into an easily accessible manager training eLearning course that could be uploaded onto the client’s Workday Learning LMS.

Each lesson is designed to be completed in just a few minutes – allowing managers to learn at a time and place that works best for them.

“Approaching the development of this programme was daunting, but Bundle made the process simple and easy. They were genuinely collaborative partners in the evolution of our thinking – guiding, challenging and supporting us in delivering a digital version of our global management programme.

We already had an incredibly successful and highly visible management development programme. We needed a credible, professional and engaging digital option. Bundle provided exactly what we asked for!”

Dave Mills, Facilitator, Learning Designer, Deployment Activator, Delivery Executor, Programme Adaptor, Coach

Dave Mills

Global Lead Trainer, Kantar

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