LOADRITE Southern Star

We helped LOADRITE Southern Star explain their new product with a 3D animated video.

LOADRITE Southern Star is one of the US’ leading distributors of LOADRITE weighing technologies. They work closely with customers in the quarrying, mining, construction, rail, agriculture, waste and recycling industries.

Their team were looking for a video to explain how one solution could benefit customers in the highly competitive logging industry.

After researching the logging industry, we helped the team sculpt their messaging in a way that would resonate with logging customers. We then developed a compelling script explaining the benefits of LOADRITE’s weighing scales to logging customers.

Using photos and videos of their technology, we developed 3D models of the LOADRITE weighing system. We also created 3D models of some of the most common vehicles used by loggers across the US.

Using Cinema4D, we brought the models to life within a series of environments that would resonate with customers watching the video.

Working closely with the team at LOADRITE Southern Star, we then created a 60-second 3D animated video that clearly explained how logging customers could benefit from LOADRITE Southern Star’s technology. 

The video has since been shared over social media and at an industry trade show, helping to boost awareness of LOADRITE Southern Star’s technology and industry-specific solutions.

Check out the full video below – and if you’re looking for payload management solutions, call the LOADRITE Southern Star team!

“Bundle did such a wonderful job for us. The team there has been a great group to work with, and the video helps us quickly get key messages across to our target audience. It looks really good too.”

Zeljko Basurović

General Manager, LOADRITE Southern Star

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