LinkedIn Learning adoption

We helped our client achieve the highest engagement out of all of LinkedIn Learning’s customers.

Our campaign encouraged Kantar’s employees to activate licences for their new LinkedIn Learning platform. In addition, the launch was part of a wider move towards embedding a new learning culture across the business.

Within three weeks of launch, LinkedIn confirmed that Kantar had the highest engagement levels for any customer with more than 5,000 employees.

Within weeks:

Activated licenses
LinkedIn Learning video views
Employee testimonial video views
SharePoint site visits

“The campaign we developed with Bundle was hugely successful. We saw really good engagement and needed more licenses due to high adoption. The content and advice that Bundle provided at such short notice was a major factor in our success.”

Avril Scott

Global Talent & Learning Consultant

We focused on the benefits of using LinkedIn Learning

Our campaign clearly focused on the benefits of LinkedIn Learning to Kantar’s employees. We wanted to engage employees and highlight relevant content from across the platform. As a result, we aimed to excite employees worldwide and feed their curiosity to learn more.

We interviewed early adopters and shared their stories

Kantar received rave reviews from early adopters and testers across their organisation, which we edited into short talking-head-style videos.

These videos used soundbites from a range of testers to share key messages. These included how easy the tool was to use, how it had benefited the learner and why they’d recommend it to colleagues across the business.

We created a one-stop-shop for employees to find out more

We also developed a bespoke SharePoint Online site that provided a single place for employees to access information on LinkedIn Learning.

It included content promoting a culture of continuous learning and highlighting other learning opportunities across the business.

“Bundle helped us achieve much higher engagement with this campaign than anything done previously. The SharePoint platform they built was also easily accessible and showcased our learning campaign.”

Carly Bowen

HR Communication Lead

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