HIT product explainer video

Our product explainer video helped HIT get hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of new orders.

HIT create wearable devices that provide data on head impacts and the early detection of a possible concussion. They wanted a product explainer video to generate interest in their new HIT + Device amongst mountain bikers.

Within a month of launch, the video generated 204,300 views and 40,800 likes on TikTok alone. Crucially, it’s led to hundreds of orders for the new device – and started a discussion amongst mountain bikers about head impacts.

Creating an engaging product explainer video

First, we worked with the team at HIT to finesse their messaging around the device and its benefits to mountain bikers. We then carefully transformed those messages into a script for a 60-second video.

That involved expertly explaining complex science around features such as G-Force measurements and rotational impact in language that was easy to understand – and that appeals to mountain bikers and their loved ones.

Bringing HIT + Devices’ features to life

Next, we developed a visual style for the video that reflected HIT’s brand and combined live footage with motion graphics and 3D animation.

First, we created 3D models of the device itself. Next, we recreated the HIT + Device’s mobile interface as a digital illustration in order to highlight key features and benefits on-screen. Then we animated everything together.

We provided extra assets to support marketing

In addition to providing a landscape version of the final product explainer video, we also created versions that could be shared on TikTok and social media. Along with a series of short snippets highlighting different features of the device.

Finally, we exported a series of images from the video to ensure that HIT could reuse assets throughout its other marketing activities. These assets are now being used to raise awareness and drive sales – and deliver outstanding results.

“Our animated product explainer video has already delivered a huge return on investment. It’s helped us engage our communities, generate discussion around head impacts and really kick-started our business. Bundle were absolute legends throughout the production process – providing expert tips and suggestions every step of the way.”

Nick McCashion

HIT Recognition Marketing Manager

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