Hiring manager training

We transformed innocent drinks’ hiring manager training into a bite-sized eLearning course for managers to access where and when they need it.

Hiring manager training

We transformed innocent drinks’ hiring manager training into a bite-sized eLearning course for managers to access where and when needed.

innocent drinks make delicious, natural food and drinks. They’re all about being a great place to work where a diverse bunch of people can turn up and thrive.

Previously, training was delivered for hiring managers face-to-face – but they wanted it to be accessible to managers whenever needed. So we transformed the learning into an engaging, bite-sized digital course.

We worked with innocent’s Hiring and Inclusion & Diversity teams to capture their knowledge and expertise around how to find the best person for the job. Through a series of online calls, we really got under the skin of the hiring process and the importance of hiring inclusively. 

Then we started Bundling. First, we boiled all of that expertise down into a series of bite-sized lessons that guide hiring managers step-by-step through the process. Second, we made sure the language used was simple to understand and reflected their world-famous tone of voice. 

“We love working with Bundle. They really take the time to understand our requirements and how we do things. The way they bring everything to life in really creative and engaging ways makes the learning really impactful. They’re really easy and fun to work with too.”

Kate Hunter

Learning and Development Manager, innocent drinks

Then, we used our creativity and expertise in digital design to bring the messages to life. We created a series of custom illustrations to help communicate points visually and reinforce learning – while looking for ways to make the training as interactive as possible. 

Finally, we created an engaging animated explainer video to help managers understand innocent’s Inclusion and Diversity strategy. The animation allowed us to quickly share a lot of information in a visually friendly and easily understandable way. All in under two minutes. 

Everything was pulled together in a Captivate-based course that’s now accessible to managers across the business when they need to hire.

It’s already getting rave reviews – with a pilot group giving it 8.8 out of 10 for holding their attention. More importantly, they rated it 4.8 out of 5 for impacting their hiring confidence.

It’s also saving the teams that used to deliver face-to-face training a load of precious time. That’s more time that they can now spend on other skill development training for hiring managers across innocent. So, all very much good all around (just like their drinks).

“I’ve experienced many recruitment eLearning courses, which can often be dry and have too much detail. The story of this one was clearly thought out – it felt like I was on a journey, not wading through legislation. I was curious to hear how we do things, and the things I learnt I found interesting and practical.”

Pilot group tester

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