Helicopter safety videos

Our engaging safety videos helped save a tonne of time for some of NZ’s leading helicopter tourism operators.

Delivering effective safety briefings is an important part of any tourism operator’s day job. It also takes up a lot of time – which quickly adds up if you’re running hundreds of flights per year. 

We worked with Heli Glenorchy, Heliworks and Precision Helicopters to create engaging and fun passenger safety videos. The videos condense important safety messages into a 145-second video that can be played before a flight, saving everyone involved a load of time.

Using photos, we created 3D models of the exact helicopter models that Heli Glenorchy and Precision Helicopters used on their customer flights. We also created 3D models of the environments their customers get to explore.

By watching recordings of their existing customer inductions, we identified important safety messages and shortened everything into a friendly script using clear and conversational language. 

We then brought the safety training to life through compelling visuals and 3D animation. This allowed us to clearly and effectively communicate important messages – such as not using selfie-sticks – with a touch of humour.

The end result was a safety training video that engaged customers and greatly reduced the time involved in delivering important safety messages. If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.

“We found Bundle very adaptable at meeting our needs around both regulatory compliance and viewer engagement. We’ve got a tailored product that gets the safety message across for viewers who don’t have English as a first language or have sight or hearing difficulties – which is a huge benefit.”

Blair Christmas

Co-director and Maintenance Controller,Heli Glenorchy

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