Helicopter safety videos

Engaging helicopter safety videos that save time and boost compliance for leading helicopter tourism operators.

Delivering safety briefings is essential to any tourism operator’s day job. However, it also takes up a lot of time. Time that quickly adds up if you’re running dozens of flights each year. 

Our engaging and comprehensive passenger safety videos now save time for leading helicopter operators – including Action Helicopters, Sydney HeliTours, Precision Helicopters, Heli Glenorchy and Heliworks.

Plus, with the extra benefit of being compliant with the latest industry regulations – our safety videos ensure your passengers get the information they need, and you get more time to do what you do best.

Passenger safety videos tailored for your passengers

We ensure your video reflects the helicopters you use daily. From how seatbelts operate to where safety equipment is stored onboard. We even ensure the decals reflect your designs.

Plus, we also create geographically accurate 3D models to showcase the locations your passengers can explore with you. Or choose a stylised background for a playful look and feel.

Featuring a range of important safety messages

Our safety videos quickly get across important safety information in easy-to-understand language. They help explain safety across the journey – from approaching the helicopter to staying comfortable onboard.

The videos walk passengers through using equipment – including seatbelts, life jackets, and headsets. In addition, they also share essential messages such as not touching controls and keeping cameras and phones off windows.

Helicopter safety videos that help boost your compliance

We’ve developed a starting script compliant with the latest safety standards and advice. We can also ensure it reflects local regulations or standards unique to your country or region.

A tailored safety video gives you and your team more time to focus on delivering unforgettable customer experiences. Safe in knowing they have all the information they need to stay safe on your flights.

“We found Bundle very adaptable at meeting our needs around both regulatory compliance and viewer engagement. We’ve got a tailored product that gets the safety message across for viewers who don’t have English as a first language or have sight or hearing difficulties – which is a huge benefit.”

Blair Christmas

Co-director and Maintenance ControllerHeli Glenorchy

Helicopter safety videos designed for a global audience

We help you choose the perfect voiceover in whichever language and accent works best for your audience. You can also choose subtitles in various languages to meet your needs.

With the ability to change the characters to reflect your passengers, you can tailor every detail to reflect your operations. Or use our template for a cost-effective solution.

Start saving time and boost compliance.

Bring your own safety briefings to life with compelling visuals and 3D animation. Contact our team and find out how you can save time and boost compliance.

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