Health and Safety training

We used 3D videos in a bite-sized training course to walk employees through warehouse operating procedures.

Our client was struggling to get through to their warehouse staff with their existing training – so we used 3D models and videos and created a bite-sized training course that safely walked their employees through how to safely unload trucks using forklifts.

3D models allow for realistic scenario-based learning

We studied the requirements of the client’s audience and the devices they had access to; reviewed their existing laminated training guides, then cooked up a slightly different way to educate their employees.

Bundle provide training in bite-sized, mobile-friendly morsels

We transformed their highly technical ‘standard operating procedure’ documents into short and sweet 3D training videos, with each video walking warehouse staff through scenarios they faced on a daily basis.

Our step-by-step training approach makes it easy for employees

We then created a mobile-based learning course, that combined video, text and quizzes to make it easy for employees to access – and help our client measure and ensure employees understood key processes.

Bundle make it easy for employees to learn on the go

“Absolutely perfect. The videos look great and are so much easier for our team to understand!”

Operations Manager