Health & Safety induction

We helped Todd Energy make their health & safety induction more engaging while saving each learner over 20 minutes.

Todd Energy is a NZ-owned natural gas provider focused on meeting NZ’s energy needs well into the future.

They needed to refresh their health, safety and environment (HSE) induction for staff and contractors to be more engaging and fully explain safe working practices.

Notably, the new health & safety induction also needed to take less time to complete. Previously, it took staff and contractors over an hour, and the team feared that essential messages were being lost.

We reviewed Todd Energy’s health & safety material and studied the messages staff and contractors needed to know to work safely. Then we started Bundling.

First, we simplified everything to make messages easy for staff and contractors to understand. Then, we developed a series of short video scripts, each focused on a critical safety message.

Next, we designed a suite of icons throughout the health & safety induction to quickly communicate hazards, equipment and other important info.

We worked closely with Todd Energy’s HSE experts to ensure the training fully reflected their safe working practices. Then, we combined existing video footage with custom animation to create ten bite-sized training videos.

We combined everything in a custom eLearning course so that we could include interactive elements and quizzes throughout the videos. The quizzes helped to ensure learners fully understood vital safety messages, with results and completion data feeding through to Todd Energy’s competency management system.

We also worked closely with Todd Energy to ensure the videos and induction could be hosted and managed long after we finished the project. To help ensure a successful launch, we supported the team with communications and change management advice.

“Streamlining our mandatory site induction process and partnering with Bundle has saved, on average at least 24 minutes per induction. This equates to real dollar savings for Todd Energy as our staff undertake their inductions on company time and we pay our contractors when completing their inductions.”

James Blair

Head of Digital | CISO Todd Energy

In total, we significantly shortened the average time it takes to complete the health & safety induction from 61 minutes to 37 minutes. As a result, each learner now saves, on average, 24 minutes completing the induction.

Within two weeks of launch, over 200 staff and contractors successfully completed the new induction. That’s over 80 hours of resources that Todd Energy was able to invest back into other key projects.

“Bundle clearly articulated our requirements for a simple but effective HSE induction. This transpired into a short, engaging course, which we immediately received positive feedback on. 

The collaboration process with Bundle was a positive experience. They understood the brief, delivered results in a timely manner and were able to work with our existing material to ensure we stayed within budget. 

Bundle were able to work with the various stakeholders within the business to ensure all our needs were met, and we looked forward to our regular catch-ups with the team. In turn, it really did feel like our partnership with Bundle went from strength to strength, and we look forward to the next opportunity for engagement.”

Hilary Gibson

HSE Manager Todd Energy

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