Green New Deal

We created a digital campaign to explain the Green New Deal and how it could support a Green Recovery.

Amid growing calls for a Green Recovery, we created a digital campaign explaining the Green New Deal – an idea to radically change the way our economy works in order to save the planet while creating a fairer and more equal society. You can view the full campaign on Twitter and Instagram – or watch the explainer video below.

The campaign was a way for us to help raise awareness and educate people about a concept and cause that all of us at Bundle feel extremely passionate about. We hoped that summarising the concept in simple and effective bite-sized chunks would encourage people to do their own research and to find out more.

We did a lot of research – reading countless news articles, books and documentaries about FDR’s New Deal and the Clutch Plague. We distilled everything we learnt into a series of key messages that explained the key pillars of what the Green New Deal could involve.

We then brought these key messages to life through a series of illustrations, short looping videos and the two-minute animated video above.

To make it easier for people to find out more, we also created a microsite that explained the Green New Deal in more detail and acted as a signpost to articles and research that we found particularly useful – as well as organisations and charities that support the Green New Deal.

The result is a campaign that we’re all hugely proud of – and that we hope helps to raise awareness of the Green New Deal and the importance of a Green Recovery.

We’d love to share all of the artwork, images and videos we created for this campaign with anyone who would find them useful. We also provide pro-bono communications and training support for a range of well-intentioned initiatives. Get in touch and find out how we can help.