Green New Deal

We created a digital campaign to explain the Green New Deal and how it could support a Green Recovery.

Amid growing calls for a Green Recovery, we created an animated video explaining the Green New Deal. It’s an idea to radically change the way our economy works in order to save the planet… while also creating a fairer and more equal society. You can watch the explainer video below or view more on Twitter and Instagram.

Showcasing how we approach client work

The campaign was a way for us to raise awareness and educate people about a concept and cause that our team feel passionate about. We hoped that summarising the concept with simple language and engaging visuals would encourage people to want to find out more.

Distilling down lots of research

First, we read countless news articles, books and documentaries about the Green New Deal. Then we distilled everything down to a series of key messages that explained what the Green New Deal could involve.

Once we knew what the messages were, we brought it all to life through a series of illustrations, short looping videos and an animated explainer video.

A one-stop shop to find out more

To make it easy for people to learn more, we created a simple microsite that explained the Green New Deal in more detail. The site also signposted to articles, organisations and research that we found particularly useful.

The result is a campaign that we’re all hugely proud of. It looks pretty amazing too. All of the images, video and artwork are free to use to anyone keen to use them. Get in touch to find out more.

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