Employee engagement training

We partnered with Engage for Success to create a free employee engagement training course for people managers.

The eLearning course is available for free to any organisation that wants to help their people managers improve engagement in their team.

The Engaging Managers’ Zone

Engage for Success is a growing volunteer movement that promotes employee engagement as a better way to work and to inspire people and workplaces to thrive. Their Engaging Managers’ Zone is jam-packed full of research, ideas and knowledge for people managers.

While the information is incredibly useful, it was hard for managers to view online. To make it easier to share, we transformed Engage for Success’ research into an engaging employee engagement training experience.

Simple content for online learning

First, we helped to simplify Engage for Success’ research so that it could be easily understood by people managers. That meant focusing on the need-to-know information and using clear and friendly language to explain concepts.

Second, we distilled their research into a series of bite-sized modules. Each lesson can be accessed on any device, with the amount of text kept to a minimum. The lessons also use interactive content to keep learners engaged.

Explaining employee engagement concepts

We developed a series of animated characters to help highlight the role that managers play in improving employee engagement. We used those characters to create two animated explainer videos – to summarise the benefits of employee engagement; and what engaging managers look like.

Both of these employee engagement training videos are freely available to anyone interested in sharing them within their own organisations.

What employee engagement means to individuals
What employee engagement means to people managers

Employee engagement training for managers

Using Storyline 360, we created an engaging online learning course that helps people managers understand the importance of employee engagement. The eLearning aims to empower managers to improve their own engagement (and that of their team) through a series of carefully crafted and extremely visual bite-sized lessons – covering: 

  • An explanation of employee engagement and its benefits
  • Engage for Success’ Four Enablers of engagement  
  • The role of engaging people managers 
  • Ten tips that managers can take to improve engagement in their teams

This course is now available for free to any Learning and Development teams or Employee Engagement Managers that want to improve employee engagement.

Want to share the employee engagement training within your organisation?

The employee engagement training for managers is available for free to anyone interested in improving engagement. The eLearning is available in a range of different formats to meet the needs of your learning management system. You can also access a series of assets to help communicate the benefits of the course to managers.

If you’d like to share the training within your organisation, simply set up a call with our team to explain your LMS requirements. You’ll then receive the course and all assets completely free.

View the employee engagement training online now

You can preview the course on our website straight away. You’ll need to create a profile before you can view the course in all its glory. Click the link below to get started.