Employee engagement training

We worked with Engage for Success to create free eLearning for managers on employee engagement.

Engage for Success is a growing, dynamic, voluntary movement promoting employee engagement as a better way to work. They developed the Engaging Managers’ Zone to share research and tips for managers looking to improve team engagement.

Employee engagement training for managers

To make their research more accessible to managers, we transformed the Engaging Managers’ Zone into a bite-sized eLearning course. The training allows managers to learn about employee engagement whenever and wherever works best for them.

Employee Engagement training is available for free

The eLearning course and files are free to any organisation that wants to help their managers improve engagement in their team. The bite-sized training is designed to help managers understand:

  • The benefits of employee engagement
  • The four enablers of engagement
  • The role that people managers play
  • Tips to improve engagement in their team
  • Where managers can go to learn more

Available as an interactive Storyline 360 course

Interactive content and activities are used throughout the training to encourage managers to think about improving engagement within their teams. Secondly, the ability to record and export notes enables managers to develop their own custom action plans.

Do you want to share the training with your managers?

If you’d like to share the course within your own organisation, set up a quick call with one of our team to share your LMS requirements.

We can export the eLearning as a SCORM or xAPI file that you can upload directly into your learning management system. You can also preview the training on our own LMS here.

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