Fruit School digital onboarding

We helped innocent drinks save vast amounts of time with a digital onboarding course explaining how they do things differently.

innocent drinks are all about making it easier to live well through the delicious goodness of fruit and veg. Their Fruit School onboarding course explains their ingredients’ journey – from where they’re grown to how they end up in the bottle.

Previously, learners completed Fruit School over two days in a classroom. However, it took up a lot of time and was increasingly complex to deliver as innocent drinks grew its business. So, they asked for our help transforming Fruit School into an interactive digital onboarding experience.

Creating engaging digital onboarding

We interviewed the teams responsible for delivering Fruit School to capture their expertise, along with the anecdotes they shared to bring the training to life. Then we started Bundling.

First, we developed a course structure based on a series of bite-sized eLearning modules. We carefully constructed each module to share crucial info while taking up as little of the learner’s time as possible. All while adopting innocent drinks’ world-famous tone of voice throughout.

Making digital onboarding training interactive

Next, we looked for opportunities to make the training interactive and engaging for learners, from virtual tours of their lab to image galleries, interactive timelines and more. 

We even digitally recreated one of their learners’ favourite activities, where they got to create their own smoothie from scratch.  All while sharing little gems of information with learners as they progressed.

Fruit School Onboarding_Create your own smoothie
Fruit School Onboarding_Interactive timeline slide

Saving learners and tutors precious time

The digital Fruit School now takes learners under 90 minutes to complete. With over 300 learners already completing the course since it launched, the onboarding has saved innocent drinks thousands of hours.

It’s not just learners that are benefitting either. Each area expert involved in delivering Fruit School now has more time to spend on helping innocent drinks achieve its vision and goals.

Plus, Fruit School is now much more accessible to regional teams. As a result, new joiners across the globe can now learn how innocent’s little drinks get made as part of their onboarding experience. That helps them be better at their jobs and feel more connected to innocent drink’s brand and purpose. Pretty tasty if you ask us!

“The digital onboarding course that Bundle created for us has completely exceeded expectations. The feedback that we’re getting from learners is amazing, and our internal experts absolutely love that they’re saving so much time in its delivery.”

Kate Hunter

Learning & Development Manager, innocent drinks

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