Cloud Cubed

We developed a visual identity, branding, logo and animated video to help launch Cloud Cubed’s new business.

Cloud Cubed is a collection of experts specialising in managing Workday implementations and HR transformations. They consult with some of the most successful organisations across the globe. 

At the beginning of 2020, the Cloud Cubed team asked for our help to develop their brand and messaging. They also wanted us to create an animated video explaining their business and expertise.

Helping simplify key messages

Working closely with their team, we helped them to develop their key messages and positioning. We wanted to focus on their unique approach to HR transformations and highlight their expertise in technology, process and people.

Creative development of their new branding

While working on their positioning, we also developed a series of visual identity options for the team to consider. As part of the creative development, we also tested out different colour palettes.

Cloud Cubed creative development

We animated short snippets of the team’s favourite styles to give them a clearer idea of how they could be brought to life.

The cherry on top

Once we’d agreed on the visual direction and colour palette, we designed a series of logo options for the team to provide feedback on.

We also provided a suite of website icons and other artwork to ensure consistency of communication across all of their channels. To find out more about Cloud Cubed, visit their website or LinkedIn company page here.

“Having worked successfully with Bundle on client projects; it was fantastic to get their help creating the brand identity for our new Workday consulting company Cloud Cubed. 

They’re a pleasure to work with. They’re great at taking the ‘download’ of our ideas, boiling them down to the core messages and then bringing them to life graphically through stories. We’re extremely happy with Bundle’s approach and the quality of their work.”

Jason Garbett, Managing Director, Cloud Cubed

Jason Garbett

Managing Director, Cloud Cubed

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