Better Waste campaign

Our animated video and supporting campaign are helping to engage employees, reduce waste and save costs.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust provides acute and specialist healthcare in northwest London to over 1.3 million people annually. They employ 15,000 people across five hospitals.

The NHS Trust has a long track record in research, education and influencing care and treatment nationally and worldwide.

As part of their Green Plan, they wanted to make it easier for staff to help reduce emissions by placing the correct waste in the correct bins. So they asked for our help in explaining their Better Waste campaign.

Explaining waste disposal to employees

Working with Imperial College Healthcare’s brand and user experience team, we simplified messaging so everyone across their sites can easily understand the Better Waste strategy.

We created illustrations for the various disposal methods across the hospitals. We added Top Trump-style statistics to explain the cost and emissions involved in waste disposal in each bin type.

In addition, we illustrated the various types of waste that would be placed in the bins – from coffee cups and recycling to face masks and sharps. These illustrations were then reused throughout a suite of digital content.

Explaining the Better Waste campaign through animation

First, we created an animated explainer video to define the Better Waste strategy and how employees can help the NHS Trust reduce waste using the correct bins.

The full video was then broken into a series of short snippets clearly showing the type of waste that should be placed in each bin – along with calls to action for employees to play their part.

Raising staff awareness through graphic design

We combined artwork from the animated video and characters from the Patient Flow series of videos to create a suite of posters and bin labels being used across Imperial College Healthcare sites.

Next, we created a concertina-style leaflet to print and hand to staff at engagement events. This quick-reference guide provides staff with all the information they need to place the correct waste in the correct bins. 

The designs even made it onto merchandise

The illustrations were also used to create a range of branded merchandise. They now appear on pens, reusable coffee cups, tote bags and more.

Meanwhile, designs from the campaign were in an infographic sharing highlights of staff achievements that year.

“The Better Waste campaign has been positively received. We’re looking forward to seeing the data when we next audit, and the campaign that Bundle created for us has been a game-changer. They were integral to helping us get information across quickly and in ways that our staff have really engaged with. We’re absolutely delighted with the result.”

Eilidh Syme

Senior communications manager – brand and user experience

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