Our work

We use animation, design, video and more to communicate processes, plans and products. Here’s a few examples of our work.

One blue and one red helicopter in front of fields

Helicopter safety videos

Our engaging safety videos helped save a tonne of time for some of NZ’s leading helicopter tourism operators.

Impact Gumshields teeth

Impact Gumshields

We helped Impact Gumshields quickly onboard new technicians with custom eLearning and 3D videos.

3D animated Loadrite crane

LOADRITE Southern Star

We helped LOADRITE Southern Star explain their new product with a 3D animated video.

Image showing impact of employee engagement on team motivation

Employee engagement training

We worked with Engage for Success to create free eLearning on employee engagement for managers.


Workday training

We created animated characters to help 27,000 employees across 79 countries adopt new HR software.

Heathrow pods

Heathrow Rail Engineering training

We helped Heathrow’s Rail Engineering team to digitise competency and maintenance training using 3D videos.

Cloud Cubed

We developed the branding, logo and an animated video to help launch Cloud Cubed’s new business.

Virtual Reality training - identifying vehicle hazards

Virtual Reality training

We created VR-based site safety inductions for everyone working on Heathrow Rail Engineering’s sites.

GreenNewDeal - green transport

Green New Deal

We created a digital campaign to explain the Green New Deal and how it could support a Green Recovery.

Our bite-sized training helps employees scale even the biggest challenge

Manager training programme

We transformed a classroom-based, global management training programme into a bite-sized, digital course.

Health & Safety training

We used 3D videos in a bite-sized training course to walk employees through warehouse operating procedures.

Zoom fatigue syndrome

Video-calling maladies

We created a series of short videos poking fun at 2020’s overnight shift to doing everything via Zoom.