Animated videos

Beautifully explain your ideas and share your story with engaging animated explainer, product, training and how-to videos.

Got a big idea you need your colleagues to understand?

We help you capture their attention with animated explainer videos that communicate your vision, reflect your brand and save your people time. 

Our team are experts at cooking up beautifully creative ways to bring your story and brand to life. With simple and regular reviews, you can ensure your solution exceeds your organisation’s needs.

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We make it easy for you at each stage of creation.

We help you distill the information your audience needs to know into clear and conversational scripts that quickly get your message across.

Our illustrators cook up engaging visuals that reflect your brand, capture your audience’s attention and help them to understand the big picture.

Our animators can bring your story to life in a range of different animation styles – including character, motion graphics and 3D animation.

We provide friendly and professional voiceovers in both UK and New Zealand accents – or we can find other voices to perfectly convey your message.

Our sound designers add background music and sound effects that help to elevate your video to a whole new level.

With a network of brilliant creatives in the UK and NZ, we can work around the clock to deliver to even the tightest of deadlines.

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We can help you create…

Explainer videos

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Training videos

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Product videos

Animated video FAQs

What is an animated video?

In a nutshell, animation involves using specialist software (and a lot of expertise) to make illustrations, drawings or 3D models move on the screen in a way that captivates and makes sense to the audience. They’re an incredibly powerful tool for visually explaining complex subjects, and can be produced in a range of different animation styles to meet the needs of different brands and audiences. 

What type of animated videos do we create?

Animated explainer videos, training videos, product videos and more. We love animating in a range of styles – including motion graphics, character animation and 3D animation. But we’re particularly good at helping you get your message across to your audience while respecting their time. Looking for live filming? Our friends over at The Keep can help with that.

What animation styles do we use? 

We produce animated videos in a range of styles. 3D animation is great for recreating real-world scenarios in an instantly recognisable way – they’re especially useful for technical training where you need to show how to use specific tools or machinery. Character animation is great for showing anything people-related – for instance, demonstrating the relationship between managers and employees. Motion graphics are great for showing information and data in a visually interesting way. You can find out more about different animation styles here.

Why work with us

We’re experts at transforming complex ideas and messages into engaging, animated stories that are easy for your audience to understand. By combining expertise in digital learning, communications and all things organisations – and collaborating with extremely talented creatives across the UK and NZ – we work around the clock (literally) to deliver high-quality content, fast.

How much do animated videos cost?

The biggest cost in an explainer video is the animation time. We generally recommend 10 days of animation for a two-minute explainer video. However, that can be raised or lowered depending on the complexity of what needs to be animated.