3D animation and visualisations

Bring your future plans and products to life with engaging and realistic 3D animation.

Want to help your audience visualise your vision or strategic plans? 3D animation is perfect for bringing your story to life with real-life scenarios, products and places.

We’re experts at creating 3D visualisations and models and crafting expertly animated 3D videos. We guide you through every step of the process – from scripts to subtitles, music and more.

If you have a project, plan or product that you want your audience to really understand and engage with, we’d love to share more on how 3D animation and visualisations can help.

Who we work with

We guide you through every step of the 3D production process.

3D models purpose built for 3D animation

3D modelling

We create detailed 3D models of products, tools and places.

3D animation script development

Script development

We share your story through clear and compelling scripts.

Preview your 3D video with easy to review storyboards


Preview your 3D video with easy-to-review storyboards.

Our expert 3D animators ensure you get the most from your budget.

3D animation

Our expert 3D animators bring everything to life.

Elevate your 3D explainer video with a friendly and professional voiceover


We find the perfect voice to share your story.

Sound design for 3D animation takes your video up a level

Sound design

We elevate everything with sound effects and music.

3D animation FAQs

What is 3D animation?

3D animation involves using specialist computer software to make objects move within a three-dimensional space. Typically, you start by creating 3D models of the objects that you want to display. These models can be created from photos, using CAD models or purchased pre-built from a third-party website.

Once you have your models, you can use software like Cinema4D to create scenes with your 3D objects, lighting and cameras – just like a movie.

Why use 3D animation for your video?

3D animation is great for recreating real-world scenarios in an instantly recognisable way – they’re especially useful for technical training where you need to show how to use specific tools or machinery. We reckon 3D animation is particularly great for: 

* Creating beautiful product promotional videos
* Providing fly-throughs of working environments or construction projects
* Showing employees how to use the tools and machinery required to complete tasks
* Demonstrating how something works (especially when the cost of live filming is way up there) 
* Sharing safety messages in a professional and visually impressive way

How much does 3D animation cost?

The two biggest costs in 3D explainer videos are 3D modelling and 3D animation. Before you can start animating in 3D, you need 3D models of everything you want to display in your video. You should expect to budget between 1-5 days for 3D modelling, depending on the complexity of what you want to create.

The amount of animation required really depends on what you want to create, but it’s worth budgeting around 5 days of animation for an internal video and 10 days for a marketing-quality video. Got an idea of what you want to create? Fill out this short form and we’ll get back in touch with a custom quote.

How long does a 3D explainer video take to create?

We can create a marketing-quality 3D explainer video in as little as two weeks. If you have more time to review each stage of development (script, storyboard, video etc), we recommend between four and five weeks. However, once your first video is created each subsequent video gets much quicker to produce. For internal training videos, they can be animated in as little as three days.

What other style of videos do Bundle create?

We love animating in various styles – including motion graphics, character, and 3D animation. But we’re particularly good at helping you convey your message to your audience while respecting their time. Looking for live filming? Our friends over at The Keep can help with that.

Why work with Bundle?

We’re experts at transforming complex ideas and messages into engaging, animated stories that are easy for your audience to understand and save your people time. Our team are expert at cooking up beautifully creative ways to bring your story and brand to life. Throw in our expertise in digital learning, communications and change management, along with simple and regular reviews, and you’ll benefit from a tailor-made solution that exceeds your organisation’s needs.

Plus, with our team of highly talented creatives across the UK and NZ, we can work around the clock (literally) to deliver exceptionally high-quality content fast.

Why work with us

We combine digital training, communications and change management expertise to create 3D explainer videos that engage your audience and deliver long-lasting value.

Strategic 3D explainer videos with Bundle Training


Carefully crafted to support your goals, strategy and people.

Creative 3D explainer videos that reflect your brand with Bundle Training


Capture attention with beautifully branded visual storytelling.

Collaborative 3D animation production with Bundle Training


Bring your ideas to life with quick and easy reviews.

Rapid delivery of 3D animation with Bundle Training


Hit tight deadlines with our global team and world-class processes.

Save your employees time with bite-sized 3D animation


Respect your audience’s time with short videos that pack a punch.

Have fun creating 3D explainer videos with the team at Bundle Training


Create world-class animated videos with a bunch of good eggs.

Want to find out more about 3D animation?

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